Bright success of MSO Vidyalaya in scholarship examination!

The results of the pre-upper primary (fifth) and pre-secondary (eighth) scholarship examinations conducted by the Maharashtra State Examination Council in August 2021 have been announced recently. Students of KGV Deshpande Vidyalaya, Baramati have achieved great success in this. Nine out of the sixteen students who got the fifth scholarship in Baramati taluka from the urban division and nine out of the nine students who got the eighth scholarship are from this school. Most of the scholarship recipients from urban areas are from this school.

In the fifth scholarship examination from Baramati taluka urban division, Ku. Shrishti Lonakar 258 out of 300, while in the eighth scholarship examination Ch. Nishant Bedmutha has got the honor of coming first in the taluka by getting 252 marks out of 300. All these students have received scholarships from the state government. On behalf of the organization of all the successful students and mentors, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Shri. Rajivji Sahasrabuddhe, Chairman of the School Committee of the school Hon. Dhananjay Khurjekar, Mahamatra of the school, Shri. Govind Kulkarni, School Coordinator Shri Purushottam Kulkarni, Advisory Committee Member Shri. Rajivji Deshpande, Headmaster of the school Congratulations on behalf of Umed Syed Sir and all office bearers.

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