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Raigad fort said that the incomparable prowess of Shivaraya, the Sahyadri’s beauty and the forest resources hidden in the dense forest in the valley can be seen. A tour of this Raigad, which has the identity of Maharashtra, is actually a tour of the temple. Many people have a desire to visit this fort. There is an opportunity for such adventure heroes and Raigad lovers to visit Raigad. This year, in collaboration with Mahad Youth Club and Raigad Zilla Parishad, a state level Raigad tour has been organized on 26th December. So let’s go on this tour.

Many people visit Raigad fort, the capital of Hindavi Swarajya. But if you want to understand the true history and surroundings of Raigad, then everyone must visit Raigad. The tour completes the 15 km trek of Raigad fort and the arduous journey of four hours. There is also a tour that challenges adventure heroes and assesses their physical strength. The roar of the birds on the way to the circumnavigation. The trekking has to be traversed by the terrifying tides of reptiles, the touch of greenery, fresh air, and the cool shade of the trees, the ever-flowing streams of sweat flowing through the limbs, the steep climbs on the slippery footpaths and the ever-stepping slopes. A lot of experience is accumulated in this tour. Raigad Youth Club has been successfully running this project for over 30 years. Eight hundred to one thousand pilgrims participate in it every year.

How will the circumnavigation be

The Raigad tour will start from the foothills on December 26 at 6 am. Any healthy person above 10 years of age can participate in this tour. It takes at least 4 hours according to one’s ability to complete this 15 km circumnavigation. Certificates will be given by the Youth Club to those who complete the tour. Accommodation is provided free of charge to the participants. Also on the day of the tour, tea, snacks, packed food and meals are provided by the organizers.

What to do when it comes to circumnavigation

Tourists should bring a water bottle, lunch box, hat, cotton clothes, bedding and blankets, essential medicines.

To reach Raigad, one has to travel 25 km from Mahad on the Mumbai-Goa highway. There are direct bus services from Mumbai to Pune. Raigad can also be reached by alighting at Veer or Mangaon stations on the Konkan Railway.

If you also want to visit Raigad, you should contact Dilip Dharap, Santosh Sakpal 9422689180, Rajesh Butala at 8805848396 for registration. You can book online at http://www.youthclubmshad.org

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