After the result, my father will not live without remembering

Kavathemahankal election campaign guns cooled today. At the end of NCP’s last campaign rally, Rohit Patil hurled a hurricane.

Speaking on this occasion, Rohit Patil said, the result will be clear on the 19th, at that time you will not be able to remember my father. Now those who were in power for 15 years, were Nagar Panchayats, today the same people are saying that they have come together to form an ideal Nagar Panchayat.

The ideal scam was heard. Now Adarsh ​​Nagar Panchayat says what it wants. People who eat money in the bathroom of the toilet may also have an attitude of sitting there. I have scoured the entire area of ​​Kavathemahankal. I know the extended part and the situation there.

Those who want to contest elections on the issue of development, those who are working to give me advice, should come before me and tell me what development works are pending in this city. Let’s see who is saying how much development has taken place and how much development remains to be done. This response was given by Rohit RR Patil while speaking on the occasion of Nagar Panchayat Election Campaign at Kavthemahankal.

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