In Wadgaon Nimbalkar, a swarm of leopards killed a goat and a goat at night

The leopard reappeared near Pansarevasti in Wadgaon Nimbalkar and caught a goat and a goat. The villagers had informed the forest department that leopards have been roaming in human settlements for the past few days. This is the second time that a leopard has attacked a human settlement in Khomane.

The leopard had earlier killed two goats in Khomane. Since then, farmers have been reluctant to go to the farm even during the day. Due to the presence of leopards in the area and the onset of the sugarcane harvesting season, farmers are now in a state of panic as leopards are more likely to migrate from the Adosha area to human settlements. At night, the farmers have stopped work.

Meanwhile, after inspecting the area by the forest department, it was found that it belonged to a leopard and the farmers should be careful, appealed the forest department sources.

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