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The cold wave in northern and central India has affected the Deccan Plateau of Maharashtra to some extent and the weather has been declining for the last two days. As a result, the number of patients has also increased. Since this wave is likely to continue for another four days, everyone needs to take care of nature.

North and Central India are currently experiencing cold wave. The wave is strong from Delhi, Madhya Pradesh to Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The meteorological department has forecast cold and thick fog in the plains from north to west of India till December 25. Winds of 15 to 20 kmph and dry winds are expected to intensify the cold snap.

Take care of the animals in the cold wave, the gardens also need to be cultivated.

Cold waves can hurt animals. In this case, the cloth should be protected to prevent strong winds from blowing in the barn. Also, make sure that there is not too much moisture in the barn. Banana orchards are more at risk of this cold wave.

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